Rent a guide for your Croatia and Balkan stay

Local know-how for memorable stay

Price list of services by Excellent Travel

Service 1-8 per. 9-45 per.
Guiding historical sites (Split or Trogir or Salona) 2 hours 500kn 600kn
Guiding bus/van/boat tour up to 6 hours 800kn 900kn
Guiding bus/van/boat tour for 7 or more hours 1050kn 1200kn
Driver and tour guide on a multi-day journey (price per day) 1450kn
Guiding bus/van/boat tour on a multi-day journey (price per day) 1150kn 1150kn
Private tour driver guide up to 6 hours 1100kn
Private tour driver guide for 7 or more hours 1650kn
Guiding a combination of two historical sites 900kn 1000kn
Guiding a combination with museums and one historical site, each museum costs additional 200kn 200kn
Accompaniment and translation for business purposes, per hour 250kn 300kn


For 2021, all services with 10% discount!

Services not mentioned in the above price list, can be offered upon request.

Payment by bank transfer upon receiving an invoice.

For the services with the starting point out of the Split-Trogir area, travel costs will be added to the service price.